Services available from Top Dog Day Care.

First Meeting

Each and every dog that comes to Top Dog Day Care will need to be assessed for their suitability to it.

We would like you to come along with your dog/dogs to our home in Hook Norton where you will meet our resident dog, Mrs Baggins, so that we can all get acquainted!

We will need to see their vaccination records so please either bring them with you or let us have details of your vet so that we can check these directly, and to complete a form so that we can record all of yours and your dog's information, (likes/dislikes, routines, meal times, bedtime routines etc) and of course, your contact details. We will be really happy to answer any questions that you may have at this stage.


From 8am, earlier by appointment, we shall be delighted to meet and greet the dogs that are being dropped off for the day.
( Collection service is available).

Once all the dogs have greeted each other, they will be taken for a long walk and/or they will be taken to our private and secure paddock. They can have freedom, fun and frolics!

All the dogs will be continuously monitored, should they be looking a bit tired or they are getting a little too boisterous, they will be taken to a quiet area where they can chill out and given time to recover or just have cuddles!

Doggie Holidays and Sleepovers

From the second of your departure, your dog/dogs will be in safe hands. We will endeavour to match the needs and wants of your pet as much as is possible and he/she will be embraced into our household as one of our own.

He/she will be catered for in every way; enjoying their two walks a day as well as spending their evenings, snuggled up with us and ours!



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